Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting Up and Pedaling

Welcome to the first post for our blog that will document the up and coming of Spearfish's new bicycle cooperative. We were started with a grant from a group called Focus the Nation. Focus the Nation is a youth oriented Nonprofit organization based out of Portland, Oregon that is dedicated to community based clean energy. For more information visit their website at

Over the next several months we will be getting our shop location up and running, raising community awareness, hosting workshops, and building more bicycle culture in Spearfish.

Inquiring minds may be asking just what a bicycle cooperative is. Traditionally Bicycle co-ops function as a place where community members can learn to maintain and repair their own bicycle. Coops are generally run by volunteers and are supported solely by donation and fundraising. They also work to distribute bicycles to people in need of a bike and they encourage bicycle involvement within the community.

In the last two days we've managed to get the space cleaned up a little as well as throw a new coat of paint on the walls and floor. People are already coming by to help out and give some community support. The basic bike tools are on their way and should be here Friday, which should be the same day we start moving in some of the bike parts we have accumulated.

If anyone is interested in helping out or otherwise lending a hand, our shop is at 727 North Ames in the old machine shop across from Sanford's. No set schedule yet, but check here as we get things going or send a line to and we can work something out.

Jeremy Smith and John Williams


  1. We couldn't be more proud, and we want to see photos of the new paint job! Happy pedaling, Spearfish!

    -Avery and Trish

  2. Way to go Spearfish Bike Coop!

    It's going to be great to see things up and rolling.
    also, please note: your blog has followers. but we're really just drafting, so thanks guys

  3. woo hoo Spearfish Bike Co-Op! I heard you've been using your flip cam, can't wait to see what you put up.

  4. Woohoo! I'm so excited to see this!

  5. Hey! It is interesting how this all happens, but I just rode through South Dakota with a friend and we were unaware of you guys. A good friend of mine just wrote an article on youthnoiseplayground about you. After resorting to bicycling on the freeway for half the length of the state, I applaud this schism! Now if we could convince the rails to trails program to create a network as advanced as our highway system, we could spur economic growth.

  6. Lately the word "economic" has had a negative connotation. By economic I mean good bicycle trails and routes, especially through rural areas, bring people who require food, water, shelter, and bicycle maintenance. (there is diversity here too, with horses and other ways of traveling on trails... pogo sticks)

    As bicycling becomes more mainstream, rural areas benefit from connections with trails. People from all over bring their special set of needs and wants. Because bicycling is a form of excersice, these needs are often met with healthier choices. This also affects each community a trail passes through because that is the energy we are bringing to the table ladies and gentlemen... and horses.

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