Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Theater and Music 7PM on the 7th

7PM Friday January 7th

Lampshade Brigade of Minot, ND brings a vaudeville-esque night of entertainment to the Co-op. Staring with The play "Baseball Groaners" which includes improv and audience participation. A short film or two will follow then a couple of bands Acoustic Sparkle Additive and Consolation Prize.
Event is all ages and donation at the door. Bring some cookies to share, we'll provide hot drinks.

Also, the evening is open and flexible, If you want to perform let us know. Music, slam poetry, whatever.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2011 SD Bike Summit

The South Dakota Bicycle Coalition has just opened up registration for a statewide Bike Summit to be held Jan 21-22 in Pierre.

Check out their website here:

Anyone interested in riding over, a nice two or three day bit of winter touring?

Also, during this rare moment of a blog update, here's a link about the proposed National Bike route system.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bikestravaganza 2010

Hey Spearfish Cycling Community!
Tuesday August 24th The Off the Chainring tour is coming to the Co-op. Join us for an hour long Cruiser Ride at the Co-op at 5:45 followed by homemde rootbeer and homemade ice cream floats. BRING YOUR OWN MUG!!! Then the fun begins: Joe Biel, founder of Microcosm Publishing ( will show bike videos and and discuss how to impact transportation infrastructure in Spearfish. Elly Blue will have a slide show showing examples of fantastic Portland biking and a history of how it became on of the best places to bike in the country. And Dave Roche will read stories from his published and upcoming works, which may deal some with biking but also substitute teaching, dumpster diving and the effects of both on his health.
We want this event to inspire discussion and Ideas on how to make Spearfish a better place to bike? So bring your input as well as the mug.
Hopefully we will have a prototype of a Spearfish Bike Map to be reviewed and improved.
We know it's on a weeknight so the whole Bikestravaganza should be over a little after nine. $3-$10 sliding scale at the door. This means pay what you can, no one turned away for lack of funds.
For more information, or the rest of the tour dates and locations:
Here's a little promo video for the event, just in case you prefer your information not to be text but instead moving and talking with background music.

Bike Ride, and Breakfast at Rimrock to Support Cancer Research

This Saturday morning a group of three Irishmen will be coming through Spearfish as part of their ride from Seattle to D.C. to raise money for cancer research through the Irish Cancer Society and The Lance Armstrong Foundation. Join them and us at 8:30 am in City Park for a five mile ride up Spearfish Canyon to Rimrock Lodge. The Lodge is hosting breakfast from 9-12 with a freewill donation for the rider's fundraising at the door. The ride is leisurely and at your own pace, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the Canyon and good conversation, bring the whole family. Extending the ride up to Bridal Veil Falls or Savoy is encouraged, just be sure to stop in for breakfast on the way down.

Check out their website:

Even if you are unable to make the bike ride, please feel welcome to come to the Lodge and support this cause.
Also, don't forget to pedal by the Spearfish Farmer's Market in the Park, 9-noon - pick up some fresh, local produce and meet the friendly folks who grow your food.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Early Summer Happenings

Thanks to everyone who helped out or participated in the Bike To Work Week events. We had 50-60 people for the Art Show/Movie, almost 30 for the poker ride, 20 for the cruiser ride and 30 more took advantage of the free lunch and breakfast on Friday. Keep your ears open next year for even more events. Or if you have ideas for improvements come down to the coop and share them with us. Also related to last week's events we have a winner for the Funk Bike. Pat Salcone of Spearfish is the proud new owner of the beautifully restored Coast King.

Just a few days ago the Bike Coop received word that we would be getting the bikes from the police impound. Rather than throwing away any unclaimed bikes that don't sell at the police auction, they have diecided to drop them off with us and see if we can reappropriate them and get them back on the street. However, the addition of sixty bikes to our already full space means we need to get some bikes out the door. If you or anyone you know needs a bike, come by the Coop, especially kids. We also have a wide array of parts including racks and kid seats. The above photo show about two thirds of the total dropped off.
Starting next week the Coop will be down at First Fridays with a stand and basic tools. We will be teaching people how to fix a flat tire as well as helping teach simple repairs and tune-ups. In addition the Coop will have the same set up at the Farmer's Market starting June fifth and going all summer.
Lastly, we are staring to look at organizing a Creek Clean-up and Watershed Festival for later in the summer, if you have any suggestions or want to be involved just let us know.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bike To Work Week

Hey Everyone check out this years list of events for Bike to Work Week. Now is the time of year to make your commute the best part of your day. In addition to the bike related events be sure to vistit these fine local businesses by bike for Special discounts

Common Grounds - House Coffee and a Muffin $2.50

Alpine Coffee Company - $1 off Lattes

The Green Bean - Various specials throughout the week

Vanilla Bean - $1 off Chicken Salad and Avocado Lunch Special w/ Fruit

Good Earth Natural Foods - 5% off store purchases

Barbacoa's - 5$ Wraps and Salads

Bay Leaf Cafe - Various lunch and Dinner Specials

Shoot the Bull Steakhouse - One Free Beer With Purchase

Spearfish Whiskey Chophouse - 1/2 Price Appetizers

The B&B and Backporch - Various Specials

Flanagan's - $1 off Guinness

Horses to Harleys - $.50 off all Beer

Crow Peak Brewing Company- Something Special because it is also National Craft Beer Week

Aside from visiting the businesses listed above, make sure you also swing into the Art Center to check out the "Art of the Bicycle" art show. Regional talent displaying art inspired by bikes and bike culture. Monaday night at 6pm we are having an opening reception with cake from Berry's Best Desserts and then we are showing the classic 80's bike film "Breaking Away" Check out the Facebook page for a link to the trailer.

Lastly, be sure to bike on Friday. Free Breakfast for bike commuters 7-9 at Rushmore Mountain Sports with prizes for longest commute and other categories. Then 11-1 come to Two Wheeler Dealer for Lunch.

Happy riding in the good weather this next week. Start a good habit for the rest of the year. And as always, Swing into the Co-op for more information, to tune-up your bike or just to visit.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blooming Bicycle Festival

Big fundraising event for the Co-op coming up next Friday. We need volunteers! If you're interested in helping out (set-up, serving, working the door, etc), come by the Co-op this week or email Otherwise, just bike on down next Friday, take advantage of the bike valet, good food and brew, music and a reason to boogie down as summer approaches.

Traffic Skills 101

Next month we will be hosting this vehicular cycling course. Anyone interested in improving their bike handling and riding abilities is encouraged to attend. It should be a very enjoyable weekend with both classroom and on the road components. Let us know if you want to participate as there are only 10 spots available.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Updated 2010 Race Schedule for the Black Hills

Mark your calendars everyone! Check out for the updated schedule!

If you've never raced before, there are great races out there for beginners. Try something new this year!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thursday Night Cruiser Rides!!!

Starting this Thursday, the Bike Coop will be the start point for Thursday Night Cruiser Rides. Grab your bike, cruiser if you have it, and come join in a fun leisurely ride through Spearfish! All ages are invited and encouraged to come! The Co-op is open from 5-7 if you need to do a quick tune-up and we will try to take off on the ride right at 7. Come meet someone new and get involved with the rest of the local cycling community!

Headlamps and taillights are suggested if we ride into the dusk.

See you on Thursdays!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Bicycle Art Show

The Bike Co-op and the Spearfish Arts Center are putting together a bike art show. The purpose of the show is to raise awareness of bikes and bike culture in our area by providing new ways of seeing bicycles. This is also a fundraising event for both the Co-op and Arts Center. Art in any medium is welcome as long as it is somehow inspired by or related to bicycles or bike culture. The show is open to all ages and abilities. The Bike Art show will be held during Bike to Work Week, May 17th through 21st at the Matthews Opera House. Bike related prizes will be given for People's Choice winners, but otherwise this event will not be juried. Bike themed movies will be shown on the opening Monday night (May 17th), and Dakota Jazz Collective will be performing Friday night(May 21st). Entries can be dropped off at the Spearfish Arts Center between the 10th and 14th of May. $10 for one entry or $25 for three. Half price for under 18 years old. For more information (or any parts needed for kinetic sculptures) come by the Co-op while we're open (Sun 12-4pm, Wed and Thurs 5-8pm), or contact Clay at 645-8707.
Any bike-related art is welcome, this event is for everyone! whip out those crayons and hot glue guns and get cranking!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cartoons don't lie.

Just saw this over at Ride your bike it helps lower your stress.......

......and feelings of pure evil.

February News

Recently, we(the Co-op) were asked to be on the board for the South Dakota Bicycle Coalition. The SDBC is the only statewide advocacy group for bicyclists. Currently their main project is working on getting a 3ft passing law through this session's legislature. This would largely be an educational measure, promoting the idea that bikes are vehicles too and have an equal right to the road. Another big component of the SDBC, besides working on legislation, is education. In this regard they are setting up adult traffic skills courses around the state. The Co-op will be hosting one of these trainings on May 7 and 8. The course is nine hours long and taught by League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructors. This course is the prerequisite for becoming an Certified Instructor, and is good for anyone who may be in the situation of teaching bike riding skills to children or other adults. Seasoned riders will also certainly find useful information in the course as well. Send us an email or stop by the shop if you are interested as there are limited spaces available.

In other news, the solar is all installed and tested and just waiting for BHP to come and switch out our meter to one that can spin backwards. More art is slowly populating the walls in the shop, come by to check it out or add some of your own. We still have a pile of old bikes looking for owners, so if you or anyone you know needs a bike come by and learn how to fix one up. And finally, start keeping eyes open for regular events starting soon from the Co-op: Bike-in movies twice monthly, cruiser rides once the snow is gone, and open-mics monthly. Any ideas for workshops or other events are appreciated as well.

If anyone is interested in the SDBC more information can be found at

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Focus the Nation Final Report

On Wednesday Jeremy gave his final presentation to Focus the Nation on the Bike Coop. To watch his report, if you have a half hour to spare (and no reason to go bake cookies instead (..the Coop loves cookies)) check this out:

Watch live streaming video from focusthenation at

He also got some great questions, including a call for an
explanation on how to unite the rabbits of the world:
Watch live streaming video from focusthenation at
Thanks again to Focus the Nation!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

First Sunday of the Year

We had a nice exciting time at the Co-op yesterday that has us all excited about bikes despite snowy conditions. Started out by having a big ol' brainstorming session with John and Trish about this spring and what we want to see happen with the space. Filled up most of the whiteboard by the door with ideas. Everything from scheduling bike-in movies, open mics and cruiser rides to figuring out who in the community we still need to meet and work together with. The list is still up and we would love input and new suggestions to be added. This is Spearfish's Bike Co-op, what can we do to fulfill the biking needs of the Northern Hills? As we were finishing this up a good friend came by to pick up a T-shirt, brand new design from our resident artist, Trish. Ride on in and get one or else bring in something blank and learn how to make your own stencils. Dayne, from Two Wheeler Dealer, was busy helping organize the goodies that they donated to help us out. Thanks for the support, it's good to have the bike community working together to make biking better for everyone in Spearfish. While this rubber-banding of brake levers and shifter sets was occurring, a beautiful old Nishiki was brought in with a bum rear dérailleur. Bill, the owner, enthusiastically learned to replace and adjust this part as well as get excited about coming back to do a full tune-up before spring time. The afternoon finished up with Dayne starting a project in the sandblaster and an agreement to make up some venison lasagna later in the evening. Thanks everyone for the great day, it's good to know we have a full year more of these ahead of us.
Everyone else, come in and share your ideas for projects to tackle in 2010, to fix up your bike, get a bike - or just to see the new scrap bike parts dinosaur mailbox!