Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A status report and some upcoming plans.

The Co-op is rolling along nicely. We are having three or four people stop by whenever we're open. Two bikes have been added to the streets that weren't out there before and many others have been brought in for a tune-up or just to fix a minor problem. We are also getting people in the space that have nothing wrong with there bike but just want to learn how to wrench so if they do run into trouble they're prepared. The grand opening a month ago also went well, we had about thirty people swing through during the day. Only four brave souls took the bracing ride down to the brewery in 11 degree weather but we had fifteen back at the shop for our showing of "Triplets of Bellville." More Bike-in movies are on the way. Also coming soon is our photovoltaic system. Plans are to install on Saturday the 5th of December. Also happening that same day/evening will be our first in a series of Open-mic nights. For more information on that or to sign up swing by the shop. And lastly, maybe most importantly, we are getting a truing stand in on Thursday so bring in those wobbly wheeels and learn how to get 'em riding straight again.

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