Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Solar Installation!

Well, the inverter hasn't arrived yet.. but on Saturday we successfully put up our four 230Watt Sunpower panels as well as ran the conduit for wiring.
Tom and Barton came down from Bozeman, MT to help with the installation: shovel snow off the roof, monkey around on high ladders in the cold and generally enjoy good times at the coop. Jesse, from Black Hills Solar, also came by and helped out. Mr Smith set up one fine electrical masterpiece and did some inspiring work with the pipe bender.
Other happenings in the workspace on Saturday- Jaycee painted our first mural: a bicycle Botticelli. Lots of people swung by to check out the shop and the solar unit. The fantastic new truing stand was finally mounted and used. Some new stencil graffiti has been added to the workshop. Cookies for breakfast and a welcome mid afternoon brownie delivery to warm us all up - thank you Mom! A very generous unicycle donation made for some entertainment in practicing/learning/watching. We also had our first open mic night - with spectacular appearances by several greasy wrench turners. And the evening finished off with a screening of everyone's favorite 80's bike classic "Breaking Away".

Thank you eveyone who helped out!
If you didn't get a chance to check out the Solar Party - please come by the shop anytime and look up.

The inverter is on it's way, and we should have power flowing by solstice. Which means we'll be producing more and more green energy everyday.

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