Monday, January 4, 2010

First Sunday of the Year

We had a nice exciting time at the Co-op yesterday that has us all excited about bikes despite snowy conditions. Started out by having a big ol' brainstorming session with John and Trish about this spring and what we want to see happen with the space. Filled up most of the whiteboard by the door with ideas. Everything from scheduling bike-in movies, open mics and cruiser rides to figuring out who in the community we still need to meet and work together with. The list is still up and we would love input and new suggestions to be added. This is Spearfish's Bike Co-op, what can we do to fulfill the biking needs of the Northern Hills? As we were finishing this up a good friend came by to pick up a T-shirt, brand new design from our resident artist, Trish. Ride on in and get one or else bring in something blank and learn how to make your own stencils. Dayne, from Two Wheeler Dealer, was busy helping organize the goodies that they donated to help us out. Thanks for the support, it's good to have the bike community working together to make biking better for everyone in Spearfish. While this rubber-banding of brake levers and shifter sets was occurring, a beautiful old Nishiki was brought in with a bum rear dérailleur. Bill, the owner, enthusiastically learned to replace and adjust this part as well as get excited about coming back to do a full tune-up before spring time. The afternoon finished up with Dayne starting a project in the sandblaster and an agreement to make up some venison lasagna later in the evening. Thanks everyone for the great day, it's good to know we have a full year more of these ahead of us.
Everyone else, come in and share your ideas for projects to tackle in 2010, to fix up your bike, get a bike - or just to see the new scrap bike parts dinosaur mailbox!


  1. holy cow. that's awesome. :) i love that you comment on how bicycling encourages a greater sense of community. i completely believe it, too.

  2. Can you post pic/scan of the hot new stencil design?