Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February News

Recently, we(the Co-op) were asked to be on the board for the South Dakota Bicycle Coalition. The SDBC is the only statewide advocacy group for bicyclists. Currently their main project is working on getting a 3ft passing law through this session's legislature. This would largely be an educational measure, promoting the idea that bikes are vehicles too and have an equal right to the road. Another big component of the SDBC, besides working on legislation, is education. In this regard they are setting up adult traffic skills courses around the state. The Co-op will be hosting one of these trainings on May 7 and 8. The course is nine hours long and taught by League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructors. This course is the prerequisite for becoming an Certified Instructor, and is good for anyone who may be in the situation of teaching bike riding skills to children or other adults. Seasoned riders will also certainly find useful information in the course as well. Send us an email or stop by the shop if you are interested as there are limited spaces available.

In other news, the solar is all installed and tested and just waiting for BHP to come and switch out our meter to one that can spin backwards. More art is slowly populating the walls in the shop, come by to check it out or add some of your own. We still have a pile of old bikes looking for owners, so if you or anyone you know needs a bike come by and learn how to fix one up. And finally, start keeping eyes open for regular events starting soon from the Co-op: Bike-in movies twice monthly, cruiser rides once the snow is gone, and open-mics monthly. Any ideas for workshops or other events are appreciated as well.

If anyone is interested in the SDBC more information can be found at southdakotabicyclecoalition.org

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