Saturday, May 29, 2010

Early Summer Happenings

Thanks to everyone who helped out or participated in the Bike To Work Week events. We had 50-60 people for the Art Show/Movie, almost 30 for the poker ride, 20 for the cruiser ride and 30 more took advantage of the free lunch and breakfast on Friday. Keep your ears open next year for even more events. Or if you have ideas for improvements come down to the coop and share them with us. Also related to last week's events we have a winner for the Funk Bike. Pat Salcone of Spearfish is the proud new owner of the beautifully restored Coast King.

Just a few days ago the Bike Coop received word that we would be getting the bikes from the police impound. Rather than throwing away any unclaimed bikes that don't sell at the police auction, they have diecided to drop them off with us and see if we can reappropriate them and get them back on the street. However, the addition of sixty bikes to our already full space means we need to get some bikes out the door. If you or anyone you know needs a bike, come by the Coop, especially kids. We also have a wide array of parts including racks and kid seats. The above photo show about two thirds of the total dropped off.
Starting next week the Coop will be down at First Fridays with a stand and basic tools. We will be teaching people how to fix a flat tire as well as helping teach simple repairs and tune-ups. In addition the Coop will have the same set up at the Farmer's Market starting June fifth and going all summer.
Lastly, we are staring to look at organizing a Creek Clean-up and Watershed Festival for later in the summer, if you have any suggestions or want to be involved just let us know.


  1. You guys are the Cycling Superheroes of Spearfish! This is all totally awesome. Congratulations on all your success, and keep up the good work!!! We're sorry we're missing out on all the fun. Congrats to Pat, too. :)

    -Derek and Laura

  2. 60 bikes?! sounds like spearfish better get pedaling! and maybe the City ought to crank out some more bike racks.. how many bikes fit in one car space?

    ps. schwanky looking solar panels - how are those working out?

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